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London, ON, N6B 3G6

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346 Springbank Dr.

London, ON, N6J 1G5

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About Classic Touch 2000 London, Ontario

At Classic Touch 2000 Car Wash London customer satisfaction and the environment are our top priorities. Our company offers the best in self-serve car washing facilities, for a good price. We take pride in keeping a properly maintained, clean, and fully functioning facility at all times. In our bays we have various available services from foam brushes, high-pressure guns with various rinses and soaks, vacuums, air blower to dry your vehicle in bay #1 and air pump so you can ensure your tires are properly inflated.  We ensure that each customer has a comfortable and exceptional experience at our facilitie. There are two change machines one for cash and another has TAP which gives tokens. To make your carwash experience a more complete we provide a variety of products. You can purchase air fresheners, wet towels, drying towels, Armor All sponges and various products at the vendors.

By washing your car at either of our locations you are actively participating in keeping our lakes and eco-systems clean. Anytime anyone washes their car in their driveway they are damaging and contaminating our water systems. When a car is washed in the driveway the water goes down a storm drain. Storm drains are not connected to wastewater treatment plants; instead they go directly to our lakes, streams, creeks, and water systems. This means that numerous amounts of poisonous chemicals and pollutants are pumped into our ecosystems. By washing at our location you are directly preventing the pollution of our precious ecosystems.



If you'd like more information about washing your car and how you can help the environment, click here to read this important information supplied by the City of London